Edge how to Always open favorites in new tab?

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i just want left click  to open favorites

in the new version he was removed?


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To always open favorites in a new tab in Microsoft Edge, you can follow these steps:

Open Microsoft Edge and click on the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner.

Click on "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

Scroll down and click on "Cookies and site permissions."

Click on "Manage permissions" under "All cookies and site data."

Under the "Sites that can always use cookies" section, type "edge://favorites" and click on the "Add" button.

Click on the "edge://favorites" link to open your favorites.

Right-click on a favorite and select "Open in new tab" or "Open in new window."

Close the original "edge://favorites" tab.

From now on, your favorites will always open in a new tab when you click on them.

Note that this setting will only apply to favorites and not other links. If you want all links to open in new tabs, you can change the "Open links from other programs" setting in the "System" settings menu.


o m f g, can they make it even more retarded to find the most basic of **bleep**ing function!? 

gsus fkin crist. it's like rolling the dice trying to find any of these fking options.

Your instructions aren't applicable after 'Scroll down and click on "Cookies and site permissions."' any more.

If you look through the settings page you indicated on the most recent official build of Edge will see that the options are different from the rest of your instructions.

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Forget all these instructions your seeing lately. Scroll down further in this topic or click here and follow those step by step instructions.... 



I agree with you, do you have any idea when will be official release It is not even in the latest Dev version

Download TAB ACTIVATE from chrome store. Install - Restart your computer and bookmarks will open in new tab and move to it immediately exactly as in Firefox.

Just to clarify I am referring to Microsoft Edge.
Nope, doesn't work. Bookmarks still open in the currently active tab.
Yes, thank you, these instructions worked for me :)



This worked for me too, but should mention for those like me less knowledgeable, there needs to be a space between the end of the original line and the 2 dashes :)   

msedge.exe" --enable-features=msFavoritesOpenInNewTabSetting


The first time I tried without he space, I got a WHOLE new Edge icon with a yellow icon in it, and that's the shortcut I edited, but when I clicked it, it opened a new icon on the taskbar to work from, but with the tab setting working.  I removed the edited icon from the taskbar...mistake...but then I couldn't find it again.  So reinstalled MS Edge, icon came back, re-edited the tab setting correctly with space, and now I have ONLY 1 nice working Edge icon on the taskbar :)  

You right, this solution does not work perfectly. Any official statement from Microsoft.
If you're using an external mouse, just middle click on the bookmark to open in a new tab. (If you have a scroll wheel, clicking on this usually works as a middle click.)

@jieny I added the option string to the shortcut and did a complete reboot (so no outstanding processes). Favorites still open in the current tab. Is this still only available in Dev versions? Is there a projected GA date/version?

If I'm reading right, you added the string, then rebooted expecting it to work since all Edge processes are rebooted, BUT I don't believe it works that way. FIRST, either bootup with no EDGE starting, or kill all present EDGE processes after closing Edge....they always stay there if you don't. Then add the string and then start Edge. You should then be able to right click on any favorite and see a check mark beside Always Open Favorites in a New Tab. Even then though, sometimes it disappears and you have to reboot or shut down Edge COMPLETELY and restart it, and it returns. Good Luck!!!
@nicolesimon That's a brilliant trick, thanks !

Bring it back please


If anyone is listening at Microsoft please bring this setting back, and make setting availabe in Intune.  It is very useful in single app Edge Kiosk Mode.

@Jawzzy Just went in after a long hiatus (annoyed me enough to revert to Chrome) and it's automagically working now. Interesting to see how long it lasts. Thanks

@Visliar Just press 'ctrl' key on your keyboard before clicking on a bookmark or link (not so sure about link but works for me with bookmarks/favorites)

Just press 'ctrl' key on keyboard before clicking any link/favorite.