A Few Things That Have Been Bugging Me

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There are a couple, or so, things that I would like to see changed or added. I would like to be able to go into settings and set a switch that would halt all video loading, or playing unless I click on PLAY.  I dislike anything that slows load times and displaying of a Webpage.  Also tied to load and display times is my complaint about how advertisements are handled; why can't there be a way preadjust the size and placements of advertisements on a page so that pages just load, and display and not have to readjust on the fly as different advertisements are loaded, making the screen jump around; I detest that distraction.

If this is the wrong place to post this, I apologize, please tell where I should post.

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ok so for the video loading it's pretty simple :


1st You open this link : edge://flags/#edge-autoplay-user-setting-block-option
and pass "Show block option in auto Play settings" to enable after that (restart the browser with the big blue button).


Second thing to do you go to edge://settings/content/mediaAutoplay and pass it to block it should do the trick.

For the advertisement edge can't do anything unless they integrate an AdBlock so you can use this extension for hiding all advertisements (don't forget to whitelist from adblock website you like or want to support) : Ublock-origin on Edge Store

@Wittycat, In my opinion, Adblock Plus is better.

i prefer ublock-origin because i have the impression (maybe false impression) ublock origin is more faster with the same number of rules
@Wittycat Your opinion anyway. @LorenBP You're right, news websites disturb me with their tons of ads.

i hope to see an adblock like in the mobile version :\ (even the adblock plus one) because an adblock at the browser level will always be faster than one on the extension level ^^
and we can be sure (since maintained by microsoft) it wouldn't be sell to some turkish dev who will transform it into malware (aka nano defender/nano adblocker)

@Wittycat Yes. I just wanted to tell you that Adblock and Adblock Plus are two separate companies. Need to ask HotCakeX, I'm not sure.
i think too i haven't verified myself, there is adguard too (pay for other version than browser, but their browser extension seem very slow on edge (maybe i'm the only one to have this problem).

in fact i use ublock with adguard base, and adguard fra (french list), and i have disable generic filter and have added
to my filter like that i have the track-bloquer on strict, and reduced the rules from ublock origin to the strict minimum.

i alse use nextdns to replace the network rules, one day when i will have time like that i will download and remove automatically network rules from ublock (for even optimise the speed of ublock).

Yes i optimize a lot my connection because i love when i clic on a link se the site appear almost instantly
For adblocking, I prefer ublock origin over any other adblocker, because of the customizability it provides to the user, I can control it however I want, from very basic to very advanced. It's under the user control.

And about the inbuilt adblocker in edge, I think it's more than ok to not have adblocking functionality into edge. WHY? Because there are already tons of extensions out there and I don't want to clutter the browser with unnecessary stuff, which you can easily get from extension store.