Really, still more rounded stuff instead of fixing bugs?

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Haha, so you guys can't stop fiddling with layout and screwing up the browser-design, can you?
Just after getting my Edge back to sane looks with a bunch of flags, now with the latest Canary (113.0.1770.0) the context menus show ludicrously rounded corners^^ 

Please, could you stop trying to make a once great and lean browser into this Mickey-Mouse-like bubble mess and instead consider to focus on fixing the long list of bugs first? 

It would really be a great relief for all professional Edge users here, either in business or private.


So if the dev team is looking for new challenges, here we go: 


Edge bug list as of March 31st, 2023 (not comprehensive, just the things that are most annoying to me)


  1. Missing toggle in settings/appearance "Always open favorites in new tab" (disappeared since switching to major version 111) 

  2. The annoying "Press ESC to exit full screen" message not disappearing automatically every time you make a video full screen or switch the browser to full screen mode 

  3. Fix the totally broken classic download bar (at the bottom) when command line option --disable-features=msDownloadsHub is used 
    OR re-work the new download hub so it is usable for touch users, meaning to abandone all hidden hoover elements as hoovering is pretty pointless on a touch device (planned for more than 80 weeks!) 

  4. Edge still doesn't respect the default PDF viewer on installation and changes .pdf standard file-type association in OS to Edge (planned for more than 124 weeks now!) 

  5. Make the totally overloaded "Settings and more..." menu customizable 

  6. Missing toggles in settings/appearance to switch off ANY rounded design elements (one single switch would be preferred) 

  7. Still no ability to pin the "Find on page" bar so it stays open on all tabs or when you switch to another site 


Would love to see some of the above being fixed, thanks to the team in advance. 



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