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As part of a pilot for rolling out the use of Teams, we created a number of channels.  People seem to be generally happy with how it's going but what we'd like to do is rename some of the channels (some of the names were placeholders).  Is there a way to change the name of the associated parts of Sharepoint, it seems that if you change the channel name in Teams, it retains the original name in Sharepoint which is potentially quite confusing.  Or do we need to suck it up and set things up from scratch?





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Hi @Chris_Laity

Microsoft are currently working on it per uservoice:

I would vote on the uservoice and follow updates (you get notified when the status changes). It has been some time (+1 year) but it's always good to know that Microsoft actively intend to resolve it. So if you want consistency with the channel and sharepoint names you will need to go ahead and set things up from scratch at the current time

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris