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Is there a way to add a tab leader to an index when using more than one index in Word? It is easy when you have only one index, as the option is on the References/Insert Index menu. I'm assuming that there is no way to use this approach for more than one index and am preparing the second index using the Insert/QuickParts/Field/Index menu with the \f switch to identify the name of the second index. This works great, but I haven't found a way to add a tab leader. You can change the default comma between the text and page number with the \e "desired text" switch and the default comma between page numbers with the \l switch, but there doesn't seem to be a way to add a tab leader, which gives the nicest looking indexes. Thanks in advance.

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Hello @sfout24 ,


neither have I.

None of the switches worked for me, so I concluded that despite all their programming, this is missing in Word.


Have you tried raising this as a feedback via "I have a suggestion"? I might actually revisit the issue and raise it as a request for information with MS. Worth trying both. Lenka