Word 2010 pictures moving about

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Inspite of following the advice to prevent pictures in Word 2010 from straying they still go walkabout.

Is it worth upgrading to Word 2019, has this problem been resolved?

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Are these pictures "In line with text" or are they wrapped (that is, floating in the drawing layer)? 


"In line with text" pictures will be treated as large characters, that is, they may move, in the same way ordinary text may move as a result of editing. 


If Text Wrapping is set to some other option, you can specify that the picture should be positioned in relation to the page edges, for example, which means that the picture won't move on the page. However, even with this option, you can't tie a picture to a specific page. If the text paragraph to which the picture is anchored moves to another page, the picture will move with the anchor.

Yes they are set to word wrap. It is usually when I edit the document that they move, so your explanation gives the reason. is  there any way round this? @Stefan_Blom 



As I wrote, you can prevent the picture from moving on the page. You can't prevent from moving to another page when/if the paragraph containing the anchor moves to another page.