Creating Two Indexes in Word

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I am creating a Glossary in Microsoft Word that already has a Table of Contents and Index of terms (generated using the XE code). 


I'd like to also generate an Index of Acronyms that appear within the Glossary. I thought I could do this by using a unique Style for the acronyms within the Glossary, generating a second Index based on that style. However, I can only get one acronym to show up, without a page number.


I created the style called Acronyms, and then used that style on the acronyms within the glossary. I was hoping I could insert the second Index, and have it pull all the acronyms with that style and the page numbers on which they appear. That's not working.


If that isn't possible, can you mark the acronyms as entries that would appear not in my main topic index but instead just the acronym index (i.e., mark an entry for one or the other index)?


Or is there another way to do this? I know books have Author indexes and Topic indexes. I'd like to replicate that with Topic index and Acronym index.

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I figured it out. I included an \f switch within the XE code for each index (e.g., one for \f "Topics" and another using \f "Acronyms").

EX: { XE "LMS" \f "Acronyms" }

Then, on each page where I want the two indexes to appear, I used the INDEX code and specified which switch to display:

{ INDEX \e "......." \c "3" \f "Acronyms" }

This would show a list of all of the acronyms (marked with XE \f "Acronyms"), in three columns (\c "3"), with dots for the ".........." tab leader for right-aligned page numbers.

Then on the other page, used the same INDEX code, but replaced "Acronyms" with "Topics", and also changed number of columns from 3 to 2.

Worked perfectly.