Advanced question - using word for non finction book

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Hi all, first post.


I am using word to write a non-fiction book. I am already using Table of Contents, Indexes, Outline/chapter headings, footnotes.

My work features a lot of analogies, some extended analogies. I want to  make a searchable list of these analogies across a lot of chapters. This would be purely for my own benefit, whilst writing, and would not feature in the final work.


I am not sure which feature to use to do this.


I am thinking about the following...


1] Use a heading - say heading 6, customise this heading to normal font. Customise ToC to not show this font. I could then use the outline feature to view these

2] I could use Annotations, but this would not be listable in a concise way- so that I could jump between annotations



Has anyone any other ideas about how to do this?



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@ZeroZero7 I believe that your idea of making use of an otherwise unused Heading Style formatted so that it does not standout from the surrounding text, and then making use of the Navigation pane is probably the least painful way of achieving your requirement.