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i have a asus gaming laptop & have original windows 10 single lang.... and i was upgrade windows 11 by windows insider program but now it have water mark front of display

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@kirthik_kirish  Hi

If you are in the Inisider program - this is all right, do not worry - this is correct

Good luck

Checking if you're flighting - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

Hi, @kirthik_kirish ;

The watermark on your desktop is not an error, (its useful info) but if you insist on hiding that

I think the tool you need here is UWD I've been using it and it just works!

[Warning] the tool is not Microsoft's so use as last resort.

@alainQtec hi

Why do you recommend a third-party tool?

I do not need it and I do not recommend!


Watermark is not error. It shows the version of your insider preview.
However i do some times feels its not necessary to display all time. Windows shall configure option to turn it off .
The watermark shown on Windows Insider Preview builds is normal. It provides you the useful information about current build.

Nothing to worry about!

@kirthik_kirish Yes, it's ok to have watermarks on Windows 11. It also warns about activation, unsupported hardware, useful info about Windows Insider build, etc.. More information is available on the post from Jitesh - Windows 11 Watermark Warning for Unsupported Hardware | How to Remove Watermark.