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i have a asus gaming laptop & have original windows 10 single lang.... and i was upgrade windows 11 by windows insider program but now it have water mark front of display

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@kirthik_kirish  Hi

If you are in the Inisider program - this is all right, do not worry - this is correct

Good luck

Checking if you're flighting - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

Hi, @kirthik_kirish ;

The watermark on your desktop is not an error, (its useful info) but if you insist on hiding that

I think the tool you need here is UWD I've been using it and it just works!

[Warning] the tool is not Microsoft's so use as last resort.

@alainQtec hi

Why do you recommend a third-party tool?

I do not need it and I do not recommend!


Watermark is not error. It shows the version of your insider preview.
However i do some times feels its not necessary to display all time. Windows shall configure option to turn it off .
The watermark shown on Windows Insider Preview builds is normal. It provides you the useful information about current build.

Nothing to worry about!