Drag and drop on taskbar doesn't work.

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Hi, I updated Windows 11 to Build 22557.1, but Drag and Drop on the taskbar doesn't work. I also tried to uninstall this build returning back to the previous one and then reinstalling it, but the problem persists.

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Are u trying to drag a file or just a shortcut?
If u go back then upgrade to Build 22557 it still not working, suggest u try to perform reboot with your device several times the retry it.
When I try to drag a file onto the icon of a folder or an application open on the taskbar it doesn't work.
I have already tried rebooting several times, but the problem persists.
Then pls submit a feedback via Feedback Hub app under Desktop Environment > Start Menu section to let MS team investigating.
Yes, this feature was unfortunately removed on Win11, which is one of the major disadvantages. I believe Microsoft had promised to bring back this feature at some point in 2022.
Yes, I have already submitted various feedbacks via the Feedback Hub.
Hi, this feature has been reintroduced with the dev preview 22557, as reported in the relative changelog.