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Hi, I have learned that Microsoft has excluded all Intel processors prior to 8th generation from their current Windows 11 upgrade. While it is a great way to make millions of PC's obsolete, it is a pain for 1. the customer (who, like myself, has invested more than $1k for a machine which will be obsolete after 5 years and therefore is a bad investment), and 2. for the environment (if you want to avoid climate change you shouldn't dump millions of machines, probably having them burnt in the open air in some 3rd world country). Of course, Intel and PC builders like to sell new gear, however they are basically admitting that their designs weren't future-proof and sustainable from the outset. I feel that Microsoft and Intel should have a closer look at customer satisfaction before they take such a short-sighted decision which renders good hardware useless without much value added. 

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Hello, Windows10 will be supported until October 2025.
The exclusion of 7th generation Intel processors has been tested in the Insider program and by many independent institutions.

simply - the architecture of the processors and the possibility of failure was decisive.

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What the freak does that mean, "the possibility of failure was decisive"? 

I bought the extended time warranty, will bring that PC back and ask for an upgrade, every time I open the PC it prompts me to update, and after like 15 minutes tells me it failed @schrodinbug 

H i  @schrodinbug  

Yes, after installing Windows11 - diagnostic data was automatically transmitted in the Insider Program, this allowed to evaluate and exclude incompatible processors (based on confirmed errors!) But also product development, requirements of programmers and partners (more demanding applications)