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Hi, I have learned that Microsoft has excluded all Intel processors prior to 8th generation from their current Windows 11 upgrade. While it is a great way to make millions of PC's obsolete, it is a pain for 1. the customer (who, like myself, has invested more than $1k for a machine which will be obsolete after 5 years and therefore is a bad investment), and 2. for the environment (if you want to avoid climate change you shouldn't dump millions of machines, probably having them burnt in the open air in some 3rd world country). Of course, Intel and PC builders like to sell new gear, however they are basically admitting that their designs weren't future-proof and sustainable from the outset. I feel that Microsoft and Intel should have a closer look at customer satisfaction before they take such a short-sighted decision which renders good hardware useless without much value added. 

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Hello, Windows10 will be supported until October 2025.
The exclusion of 7th generation Intel processors has been tested in the Insider program and by many independent institutions.

simply - the architecture of the processors and the possibility of failure was decisive.

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Update on Windows 11 minimum system requirements and the PC Health Check app | Windows Insider Blog


What the freak does that mean, "the possibility of failure was decisive"? 

I bought the extended time warranty, will bring that PC back and ask for an upgrade, every time I open the PC it prompts me to update, and after like 15 minutes tells me it failed @schrodinbug 

H i  @schrodinbug  

Yes, after installing Windows11 - diagnostic data was automatically transmitted in the Insider Program, this allowed to evaluate and exclude incompatible processors (based on confirmed errors!) But also product development, requirements of programmers and partners (more demanding applications)





well we all get that part. im using windows 11 on i5 7500 7th gen and its a blast. meaning it smooth like butter. 

Hi @luis908 

Does this mean that computers in the organization can also be upgraded to Windows11 without system requirements?
Do you think other users should be encouraged to do so?

我刚刚进入此社区,看到了您的回复,现在,网络上有许多方法可以升级至Windows 11,既然Micosoft选择了第七代intel作为分界,那么就有一定的道理,他们也许不希望那些不支持的用户去强制升级至Windows 11,毕竟这是一个全新的系统


"Hi there!
I just entered this community and saw your reply, now, there are many ways to upgrade to Windows 11 on the network, and since Microsoft has chosen the seventh generation of Intel as the demarcation, there is a certain reason that they may not want users who do not support it to force upgrade to Windows 11, after all, this is a completely new system" 

Yes, of course, but there is information in advance, all IT companies force such changes to design a new computer and more secure applications, running faster and faster!

Well Heres the catch. since 7th and below are not supported. its all on our risk if you want to make the jump. meaning don't bother reporting any issues with Microsoft because they clearly going to tell you well your cpu isn't supported and i totally agree with them. any issues we encounter if any its our risk. I'm not saying going ahead and install windows 11. if you choose too go ahead. I DONT ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO INSTALL WINDOWS 11 ON THEIR UNSUPPORTED DEVICE IF THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY DOING.
its all b.s to me. its business to them, they want us just to buy more recent machines and make retailers, manufacture happy. they know some 7th gen runs fine and buttery like i5 7500. i think Microsoft should stop with all these requirements and let the users decide if they want to risk it and upgrade.
your talking nonsense, and likely why you feel the need to shout in capital letters.
As the owner of Microsoft (danish shareholder) pls understand..try to go down to your local Microsoft center and purchase the most expensive high-end touch flagship Microsoft can manage in 2022.. fx the 6 grand Surface Studio 2 and then realize two months later that the big touch optimized OS (and what windows11 is) don't work on Microsoft own touch 2022 flagship.

The MS backland can also see how weird that is, and you cant threat your customers like this.. so now Microosft is saying.. okay we will open for some gen7 CPU's that will be officially supported... not least Surface studio 2 CPUs that still only have 7gen.
It ain't pretty how we/microsoft are coming across with windows11..
sure you can install windows11 on older units. but the way Microsoft has been dealing with this issue has been far from ideal,.
MS should have been way more transparent and open about older CPUs, and not this unsympathetic gatekeeper moral that elevate confusions and anger..

Hi @DaneLaw 

" MS should have been way more transparent and open about older CPUs, and not this unsympathetic gatekeeper moral that elevate confusions and anger.."

Yes, I agree with you!

Microsoft did not decide about it -> it was the processor architecture that caused the exclusion , frustration of users with something normal.

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I agree with you. In my case, I have used the hacks described on various websites about using Rufus to  install an unrestricted version of Windows 11. It does not have access to the preview channel but it did accept my Windows 10 license, so there's that. I also managed to install all of my old, unsigned drivers so that my functioning Brother 5040 printer works, so that I didn't have to dump it into the landfill - at least not yet. 


I am sure that everything will stop functioning at some point, and then I will graduate from my i7-3770 to maybe an i7 tenth generation. Anyway, I really think that creating all of this e-waste for an OS update is really gross. I depend on Microsoft products for what I do, so I am stuck. I do hope that MS stops telling the world that they are an environmentally friendly company, because this vulgarity demonstrates that they are not.  If anyone is curious, here are the specs on my 10 y/o machine. 



Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz

Installed RAM 32.0 GB

Edition Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2
Installed on ‎4/‎25/‎2022
OS build 22000.832



I didn't mean to shout in Capital letters moron. I just used to using it that way. Anyway im not going to go down your level and purchase a high end machine. Guess what though? Windows 11 installed the normal way on my unsupported cpu through windows update. Thats amazing. I fresh installed windows 10 again because i couldn't belive it. And yes sir, i went to join beta program and boom got the windows 11 update installing and up in running on my unsupported cpu the recommended way without editing nothing. So stop telling people go purchase high end equipment and do us a favor, if you need to buy all of us with unsupported machine a newer more recent machine. Since you are being genius. Talking nonsence? Its what everyone has been b1tching about. Ms and its lame support for older cpu. Stop and please don't respond. 

I did a clean install of windows 10 and join beta program and for my surprise windows 11 got installed. I was shocked. You should try and see if that works. But remember do a back up.
I honestly don't think everything will stop functioning at some point. I was in beta on windows 10 pro on i5 7500 and windows 11 got installed while installing the beta update. That's good new. Also if Microsoft goes that route to stop updates and features on unsupported machines that's a failure tours them and ill definitely ditch windows altogether. But i don't think it will happen. I gotten updates while on windows 11. Runs and smooth as windows 10.
Cool. I will keep that in mind. Thx.



Thanks for publishing your experience with Win 11 on your old salty yet reliable i7- 3rd gen work horse.


One of my admins at our company is still using his 3rd gen i7 -- and resists my complaints that he needs to swap out the $1200 9th gen system we shipped him 5 months ago...


Speaking as a PC tech of 30 years, I agree with Microsoft policy on THIS issue.. and the reasons for biting the bullet far outweigh the risks... though just about everything else they do on every other OS upgrade irks me to no end.


What I would like to know.. (which NO ONE has mentioned so far) does the 'Win 11 fresh install' on your system... each and every month... allow and install the updates every patch Tuesday.




If for any reason, MS allows this today and then in future blocks said updates, then anyone using the non-approved hardware for Win 11 will eventually get what is coming their way in the form of Russian/Iranian/ North Korean MALWARE designed to victimize people who do not follow the guidelines.


Regardless, I am eager to know if your system has been accepting updates. And until Win 11 22H2 comes out this October, I am not investing my time testing it on any system.


Sharing the good news on Win 11...


In October 2022, MS should be releasing the next version of Win 11. Said version should run Android apps by default,  abolishing that pesky memory leak on File Explorer tabs (trust you do NOT want memory leaks in File Explorer) and general improvements to the start menu which was a huge step backward IMHO.


In addition, it is rumored that 4 times a year, Win 11 will download new apps and features. Some speculate that after two years, then we might see Win 12.


Looking forward to your response.

Hi there,
Here is what Win 11 says that I have running:

Version 21H2
Installed on ‎4/‎25/‎2022
OS build 22000.832

I will post what happens on Patch Tuesday - fingers crossed. I am typing on my Android so forgive me if I didn't answer something else. Will update tomorrow.