What is Canary ring in Windows insider program? and how do we get them?

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Prerequisites: Build 18980 or later and enrollment in any Insider ring from Selfhost to Windows Insider Fast (WIF). This behavior is not enabled in Canary ring.


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@HotCakeX - Well, if it is anything like the Canary Channel for Edge Chromium, it is a DAILY release. Not sure how to get it? Here is the explanation of Edge Canary Channel:




I don't think my question is related to the Edge insider, I posted it in Windows insider forum and that picture does not tell me how to get Windows insider Canary builds.

@HotCakeX - I know that. I was just making the correlation that it possibly was the Same. Good luck finding your answer. 

See my screenshot in my post, I clearly circled around that text from the Feedback hub app, it's from bug bash 20H1 September 27. referring to Windows Insider Canary ring.
you can see that yourself too if you use fast ring and open up your Feedback hub app.

@HotCakeX - Your TITLE is What is the Canary ring ..... ? I was just attempting to indicate that if it is the same as the Edge one, it is a Daily build push. That is all. Sorry I interrupted your day.  Have a good weekend.

@Edward Dake 

Title is: What is Canary ring in Windows insider program


anyway, do you have any source for saying that Windows insider canary ring is the same as Edge or Google chrome canary? or was it just a speculations?


you too!

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If you're not familiar with it, the "Canary" ring is one of Microsoft's internal testing rings along the "Operating Systems Group" (OSG) and "Microsoft" rings that the company uses to test Windows 10 builds internally. This link should help explain the Canary Ring for you. I hope this helps.
I'm glad I was able to help! :o)