Laptop won't wake up from sleep after installing the new Insider Preview.

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My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 100s (Model 80R2). It's got an Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 32-bit operating system. It's not super fast, but not my-pet-turtle-that-I-don't-even-have-can-beat-it-at-a-spelling-bee slow. It's in between. Thought I'd let you know. Anyways, I'm a Windows Insider. So when I upgraded to 17692 (and I'm in the Slow ring), my laptop did a weird thing; you probably already know what it was by the title. I'd put it to sleep (EVEN IDLING), and then waking it up: instead of pressing the power button like usual, I have to click. When I do, nothing happens besides the power light turning on. Then I have to hold down the power button to force a shutdown, then turn it back on. I just upgraded to Insider Preview 17713, but while not as bad (like sometimes it will wake up correctly, but very rarely), it still happens. Does anyone know why? I've had Insider previews before and never had this issue.

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Sleep function relies on the GPU and GPU drivers. you'd better reinstall the drivers and also check for change log to see if any of them are related to graphic card drivers:

@HotCakeXI already fixed it, but thanks for the response anyway since I may have to deal with it AGAIN.