Latest Preview Build crashed my computer

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My desktop computer has just completely crashed after installing the latest preview build of windows 10 x64.

currently i am getting 2 different screens, a green screen and later a blue screen.

i have tried multiple different things with partitioning, trying to get it to work again, various bootrec, bcdboot, some stuff in diskpart, etc (primarily with the EFI partition) and to no avail.



the device has bitlocker on it, but it is unlocked\disabled currently. i am able to read the entire contents of the drive with the OS on it via the recovery mode (booted to an install USB drive.) i run into some issue when i run certain commands, like the one below, i receive the error "the requested system device cannot be found" when trying to rebuild the bcd using the following command:

bootrec /rebuildbcd


please help me repair this current install.

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