Email from Olympia - Account not registered - Olympia Corp

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I just got an email at 2:33PM today saying the following:

Dear Hayden Smith,

Your participation in Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise is very much appreciated. To avoid any interruption to your participation in the program, we need your attention.

We have noticed that the email address you provided is not registered with Windows Insider Program. If you are Windows Insider with different email address, please provide your registered email address OR follow instructions here to join Windows Insider Program using your email address (private email) and let us know when complete.

Thank you,

The Olympia team


The funny part is, the private email they say is not registered is my main insider email address. Any ideas on what is going on? Not sure the best way to get ahold of the Olympia team other than posting here.

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Hi Hayden,

We're looking in to this now - why your account was flagged as such.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and also - thank you for participating in Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise!