Can't Update to Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18922

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Hello All,


I have been stuck on Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 18908 for a few weeks now. Every time my computer tries to update to the latest build, it fails at about 85%. I get a GSOD  with the following error:




What Failed: aksfridge.sys




I was able to get it to update to 18912. It ran for a few days and crashed with this error. I had to roll it back to 18908 to get it to work and have been stuck here ever since. I haven't installed anything new to my PC prior to these issues or since. Any suggestion?

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@GDun6261 i have the same problem

@Peter_MCN  I am a few clicks away from wiping clean and starting over. I have backed up everything already. There are so many errors I see it throwing out when I look through the installation/setup logs.



Already done these steps, but my windows struck while installing 51%.


@logeshpalani30 I also ran method number 4 and 5 from this link below. You will have to google for the latest insider ISO build version.



          Now am Updated my windows 10 insider build 18932.1000 Fast ring. My windows installing because of internet problem. Thank for Reply. 



Build info

Profile Insider.PNG




Well, after a week of attempting various resolves I contacted MS Support and moved back to ver 1809 non-prelease non Insider.  Very unfortunate that I was unable to resolve matter, just kept running out of time.    @GDun6261