Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise - Newsletter released.


This letter was recently sent out to all Olympia members.  For more info on Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise - please read on:


Hello Olympia members,                                

Thank you again for participating in Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise. We now have over 400 users signed up and are ready to increase our momentum with your help. Please use this Windows Insider Tech Community portal page to share your experiences and collaborate with other Olympia users. 


  • We recently added new Quests. Please take a look and run the scenarios. We love getting feedback! There are a few new quests that are posted on our website here. New quests include:
    • Windows AutoPilot
    • Windows Information Protection
    • Windows Bitlocker encryption (coming soon)
    • Windows Defender ATP Advanced Threat Protection (coming soon)


  • All Windows Insiders including Olympia members are invited to participate in the Windows10 RS4 BugBash, see the official announcement here. Also - here are some new quests published for the occasion to get you started here.

Did You Know?

  • Windows ATP coming to an Olympia PC near you. Windows Advanced Threat Protection has been setup in our pre-prod environment and we are looking to enable it in Production in the next 2-4 weeks. Part of Windows ATP onboarding process is to enable the collection of vulnerability related user data and actions, such as script execution. We will be posting the ATP rules that we enable so you can see firsthand what we are doing, as we are doing it.
  • Olympia and GDPR Readiness. Companies that do business with the EU must have certain General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements in place by May 25, 2018. To help support that path for organizations, Olympia is positioning itself to validate certain Windows scenarios once they become ready. Stay tuned for more details. Do you have ideas how Olympia could help validate your GDPR readiness? If so reach out to me with “GDPR” in the title and send email to or post your thoughts in the WIP Tech Community portal referenced above.


  • Update your build: Make sure you’ve installed Windows 10 Insider Preview (FAST) build 17093New  To get the latest features and updates, we are asking you to now stay on FAST builds. To help facilitate this, we will be enabling a policy that locks in your build preview selection to FAST ring (at Settings/Update & Security/Windows Insiders Program). It is critical to the success of the program that machines are regularly updated to the latest Insider Preview build.
  • Start using your Olympia device(s). Run quests, try new features, recreate real-world issues - and remember to share your feedback in the Feedback Hub.
  • Join us on the Windows Insider tech Community. The Windows Insiders Tech Community portal is a great place to build Olympia awareness of issues for others in the Windows Insider community and an efficient way to get your questions answered. We will be active on this site, so go ahead and post your Olympia experiences, lessons learned, and enquiries. .
  • We are looking to add more members to Olympia. If you know anyone interested in joining, please have them fill out the survey here.


If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can make Olympia even better, feel free to reach me at the WIP Tech Community, or, email me directly at (put Mark in the title). I would love to hear from you.                         


Best Regards,              

Mark and the Olympia Crew (Karen, Naren, Devpal, and Blair)                     


What is Olympia Corp?

Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise Program is intended for Windows Insiders who want to try new experimental and pre-release Enterprise features*. To get the complete experience of these Enterprise features, Olympia Corp, a virtual corporation has been set up to reflect the IT infrastructure of a real world business. As an enthusiastic Windows Insider you can complete quests which guide you through these cool new Enterprise features. As an IT professional, you can better understand the end-user perspective of features like WIP (Windows Information Protection), WDAG (Windows Defender Application Guard), and Windows Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection).


Visit more details.


*Enterprise features may have reduced, or different security, privacy, accessibility, availability, and reliability standards relative to commercially provided services and software. We may change or discontinue any of the Enterprise features at any time without notice.


Olympia FAQ Help

Contact for any help, queries or feedback.


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