Windows 365 with Azure AD

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Is there a way to configure the Windows 365 Enterprise for a pure Azure AD experience?

Basically, we join all our devices (Windows 10) directly to Azure AD and do not have an on-prem domain.

Since the Azure Network Connection is available can we achieve that without going through Azure ADDS.

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Hi @dammyfaruq ,


I believe this is still not possible with Enterprise. However, it is with Business. Documentation: Get started with Windows 365 Enterprise - Microsoft Tech Community 


UPDATE: since this Monday May 9th, this is possible: What's new in Windows 365 Enterprise | Microsoft Docs

As of this week Azure AD join is in general availability (it's been in preview for a while)
I'm running Azure AD only in my personal lab, so it's not scaled, but it works like a charm!

So you can start using Azure AD joined Windows 365 today!
I've written a blog post about how you could set it up