Windows 11 Bug : txt files opening behind active windows if opened via search (confirmed bug)

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I've confirmed this bug on 3 other machines, this is definitely a flaw with Windows 11 that is non-existent in Windows 10.

Try the following:
1 - Open any program (E.g Edge), and maximize it
2 - Now click Search(taskbar) and search for any .txt file on your computer. And Open it(default notepad)
3 - Notepad will open behind the Window. Which is ultra annoying, because any other program/file opens on top, for example Word files. This in turn means you have to go onto the taskbar to maximize, manually every single time!

However, if you open the .txt file from ANYWHERE else, like via File Explorer or via the "Recommended" section on Start, it works as it should! This bug literally only happens to txt files that are opened via the Search results.

Please fix this asap!!!!!!  

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Same problem on my Windows 11.
Please fix.



I can confirm this is happening and is very disruptive to my work cycle.

@John_NeCeeThank you so much for the write-up, glad I found this. I just switched to Windows 11 and this exact bug is driving me nuts.

PS: Settings gear in notepad top right corner allowed me to turn off grouping in tabs. Also frustrating when you can't see them in the taskbar list or search open file names.