Is there a way to always have all file explorer searches always list in detail view?

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Whenever I search in file explorer I always want the results in detail view - this shows when I have mutiple files of the same name what folder and date they are.  I can change it to detail view after the search but then it sometimes re-searches.   Every time I search I will always want the results in detail view.


Is it possible to default to this view when I start a search (not after I start getting results)?

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This functionality like you explained is not available in the Windows.
However, you may open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and file a suggestion and request this functionality.

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@Reza_Ameri wrote:
This functionality like you explained is not available in the Windows.

Of course it is, it's just a shell view. Only there is no button or menu option tot set it. In this article someone elaborates on the required registry keys and provides .reg files and Powershell scripts to realize that functionality. NB always make a backup of the registry ('restore point') first. But I did this on several Windows 10 and 11 systems and it works like charm without side effects.

No matter how many people enter Feedback Hub requests for this, there will never be a simple menu option for this since it doesn't contribute to getting people to Bing.


What I explained is out of the box functionality which is not available, you could create your own customize way by change registry , write script and so on. However, it is not available out of the box like you said with few click see the result. It is always good idea to share it in the Feedback Hub, that is the way to share your concern directly with the Windows team.