Win11 Update failed to install, then commandeered my own backup drive?

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I was just asked to reboot to install a windows 11 update.  I did.  Rebooted OK.  The I lost a file and went to recover it from my own external K: drive.  The system would not let me open my folder.  Windows Backup kept asking me to backup or restore.  I have never used Windows backup nor OneDrive.  Anyway I panicked.  I  turned off all the Windows Backup features I could find, but still could not access the folder.  I rebooted but still could not access the folder.   I checked windows update and it said an update failed to install today, April 10.  So I tried to re-install it.  Suddenly the system was up-to-date and no remnants of the failed update was around nor was anything specified in the Update History.  The last update was April 9. The only thing I could think of is that my backup folder on my external drive has the same name as my system device name XPS9520, and system backup somehow decided to take it over.   Magically I can  now access my folder.   The only remnant I could see was a new icon on my backup folder.  


 What does that icon mean?  I didn't put it there.  Why is there no history on this failed attempt?

I am loosing my faith in Windows Update.

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