Quick Settings not open

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hello dear


I installed fresh windows 11 and after restart , can't open Quick Settings , how can i do ? 





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Are you able to click and open all other settings.
Try restart your PC and sometimes it will solve the issue.
Run Windows Update and download and install all updates.
In case the problem persist, open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
All menus and settings open properly.
Restarting the computer is not the right solution. I can't do this all the time.
My operating system is always up to date.
No, you just have to do it once just to check, sometimes due to temporary issue, you might observe this behavior and it will fix later on.
Try perform a Clean Boot and see if the problem persist:
The problem is solved after the system is turned on or restarted, but after a while, the problem occurs again.
I tried the clean boot before and the problem was not solved.
Make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
I believe this is an issue which the Windows team should investigate.
Have you updated your Graphic Card driver too?
Same problem on office PC. Was on beta and remained after a clean install. i5 11400F, DDR4 3333MHz, Samsung 970 evo plus nvme ssd. Well done MS.
Try this. This one work for me. Hope it works with you as well.