How to Open Resource Monitor using Task Manager on Windows 11


Let's see How to Open Resource Monitor from Task Manager? The resource explorer is the tool I use for advanced troubleshooting scenarios on a Windows 11 device. You can open the resource explorer using the Task Manager.


This version of Task Manager is available only on Windows 11 Insider version. Follow the steps explained below to open resource manager.


  • Open the Task Manager using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.
  • Click on the Performance icon on the Left Navigation Menu of the new Task Manager.



Once on the Performance page, click on the 3 horizontal dots (...). Look for three dots on the right top corner of the Task Manager (as shown in the screenshot below).


Click on the Resource Monitor shortcut to launch.




What is the best option to launch Resource Monitor? I normally use the SEARCH option from the Windows 11 Start menu. On the search box, start typing in Resource Monitor as the keyword.




Here you go with Resource Monitor. I don't think anything specific is changed with the Resource Monitor tool. It still has the same look and feel.





A Quick Overview of Windows 11 Task Manager New Design. Microsoft already changed the look and feel of the Task Manager for the insider version of Windows 11.


There was a Windows Insider Webcast about Windows 11 Task Manager. In this webcast, Claton Hendricks did a new task manager demo.


I have a video tutorial explains in details - 


I have also done a walkthrough of Windows 11 Task Manager. The following are the high-level points that I have covered in the walkthrough.

Windows 11 Task Manager Dark Theme | How to Change Theme
Hamburger Menu and Left Navigation Pane
What is Command Bar
Different Pages of Task Manager
Status Icons & Efficiency Mode Vs. Suspended Mode
Enable Efficiency Mode for Windows 11 Apps
Disable Efficiency Mode using Windows 11 Task Manager
Task Manager Suspended Mode with a Pause Icon
How to Delete Usage History Data of Apps
Settings Page of Task Manager


You can refer to the complete overview -> New Windows 11 Task Manager Features Efficiency Mode | Full Overview HTMD Blog (


You can also use the Windows Terminal command-line tool to easily launch applications and settings. Nested virtualization is also possible in Windows 11 and Windows 10 using Cloud PCs. The WiFi issues are common on Windows 11 devices and I have explained a bit about the possible fixes.


You can now install Ubuntu on Windows 11 PCs using Windows Subsystem for Linux and apps from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10/11 lock file issues are very common these days and it's better to have some easy ways to deal with these issues.


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