Edge News Feed: Blocked sites sneaking in via 'from the web' inclusions and cant be blocked

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It seems the PMs at Microsoft just dont really want to allow us to manage our news content feed?


The latest is being suddenly greatly abused in my Edge News feed/Start page.


Repro: Block the site 'The Epoch Times' who regularly drops off racist nutjob newspapers in our driveway. (They are a low quality click-bait right wing religious group's corporate propaganda machine.)


Results: I still see *Epoch Times* in my feed, now included as 'from the web' articles.

These sites -not article topics- need to be blockable. However, they cant be blocked, and more and more and more 'from the web' garbage is being shown in my feed this week than ever before. 


What exactly is the point of content filtering if Microsoft just slips in content scraped in such a way that it cant be filtered?


Please consider the impact of features on users, not just the potential for revenue generation.

Thank you in advance for fixing this poor user experience.

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