Main monitor too colorful issues compared with second monitor

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Hi guys i have different monitor coloring since i have the same 2 dp cables from same manufactory and the same monitor from same manufactory aswell but not the same model my main monitor is the Acer VG270U P and the second is the ACER VG270U.


I experienced a color switch when i plugged another hdmi cable to the main monitor and it went back to much more contrast and some sort of filter after i changed it back to the dp cable. i also tried to plug it in to a different dp port but that didnt work. also what i experienced is that when i plug the dp cable out and plug it in theres a minimalize animation on windows for like 1 second where the color is much better but it changes immediately back to the unwanted color after i got my fullmode.


my conclusion after all that is that i think that this is a software/windows problem and not a hardware problem since i had the wanted color with the hdmi cable.


heres a proof video where it changes the color after i resize the display layout scaling on windows 

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