Bluetooth controller issue.

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My 8BitDo pro 2 controller is unable to hold down the Guide/Home button when connected via Bluetooth. This does not occur when the controller is connected via USB on Windows 11 or in Windows 10 (via USB or Bluetooth) so it must be something to do with the Windows 11 Bluetooth driver. I have tested this on multiple apps that have not had any settings changed from the Windows 10 install and the issue is present in all.


An example of this is Steam big picture mode where I will attempt to use chord controls while in a game (or just big picture mode home UI itself) the guide/home button will register the press and hold for roughly a second but will then act as if I let go of the button when I haven't. 


I have searched the settings for anything that may cause this including disabling settings such as sticky keys, removing the Bluetooth device and reconnecting it from scratch, changing the game bar setting, Installing the optional Bluetooth driver in the updates section etc. 


At this point, I will be rolling back to Windows 10 as that is currently the easiest fix for me but I know at some point I will need to return to Windows 11 for security updates so hopefully, this allow for a fix or workaround when I return.

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