Multiple Monitors Numbers And Resolutions

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Hi, My first post in this Coummunity so please be gentle with me. I have a questions about multiple monitors in Windows 11. I have 4 monitors all connected by HDMI cable to a single NVDIA graphics card. When I view thise monitos in Settings->Display they have been allocated Monitor Numbers 2,3,1,4. How do I change these numbers? Hopefully to 1,2,3,4?

My 2nd question is I have 2 identical monitors (Acer EB321HQU C) but in the Settings->Display they have different resloutions - namely 1560x1440 and 2048x1152. I would like to make the lower resolution monitor have the same higher resolution as the other one but Windows does not give me that option. How do I do this please or is there a reason I cant. Many thanks.


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In the Display settings, you may move screens around with mouse and arrange them and then see what number allocate to each one by click on Identify. In case you want monitors to be in sequence when moving mouse , then you need to physically arrange them. However, you may arrange them logically by moving them around.
As for the resolution, you may click on the monitor and select it and then change the resolution and it will change the resolution for that specific monitor.