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I'm looking for information regarding non-sequential record ID's in Microsoft Windows 7. I am looking at a spreadsheet of activity logs and I'm seeing large gaps in record id sequences that seem to be tied to logins that don't show what the user was doing. Is this normal? what causes large gaps in record ID's? I also see dates with the record ID's out of order. There are places where the record ID is getting larger but the dates are going back in time. I need a clear understanding of how this works.

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Hi, is it related to Microsoft To-Do though?
I think you're talking about Windows 7 SP1 the support of which is officially ended

@rpetrose Hello! Your post doesn't appear to be related to Microsoft To Do, which is where you made your original post, so I've moved it to the Windows 10 area (since we don't have a Windows 7 discussion area). Please be aware of posting to the correct topic area in the future. Thanks!