Windows 10 Activation ( Upgraded from 8.1)

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You may find this a very old problem, but only recently i came across this type of problem. Can someone help me in this matter?. My hard disk crashed recently. It was loaded with Windows 8(Original with license). later Ms upgraded it to 8.1. Then Microsoft Freely upgraded it to Windows 10 Pro. I was so happy even though it took some time to upgrade. I was getting proper upgrades on time.  Then around 3 weeks back Hard disk crashed. I took it to nearby dealer Who assembled my computer(Intel i5, 8gb ram). It was running so smoothly it did not give me any trouble for the last 11 years. They put the Windows 10 in my computer and told me that it will be activated without any problem. But later I noticed that windows state which showed  Windows was activated and licensed. But the version now is 10240. Really a nightmare. How can I get regular updates and latest updation. when tried to update via settings it shows errors. When I tried to get the latest version it showed 0xc004e016. I tried all the way by net stopping various services restarting. slui.exe 3/4. nothing worked. The most unfortunate thing is I cannot call for MS Help and talk to their Customer care representative. They work between 9:00 to 5:00 and And are off on all Saturdays and Sundays including all Holidays.  My Office hours are also same. I cannot take leave for next 4 months. So Please help me. 


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Hi, welcome to the community!

Windows 10 build 10240 is so old. you need to get the latest update from here:

once you install the latest update and get back on track, you will be able to use Windows update, just like before, to stay updated :)

Thank you Sir, Finally it got updated with a digital signature. Thanks a lot. May God Bless you

You're welcome, happy to hear, stay safe :)