Possible Virus?

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How do I stop a possible virus? Everything we plug an external drive into any USB port a popup shows asking to upload pictures, etc. it says "keep your memories safe", Top left says camera update.

This is nothing I have seen before, and does not show up on other machines when same external drives are attached.

None of the external drives have a backup program on them.

I have scanned with Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes and of course Defender (which is running) with no results.


How do I stop this?

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Would you mind share screenshot of your issue?

It might NOT be virus but some programs displaying this message.


I decided best to re install the O/S and all apps. Yes a big pain but I was getting run time errors plus other issues 

@playpar Some viruses reside in the boot master record, where they can load even before Windows starts. They can also be impossible to find and remove. Try resetting your PC.


We need more information to investigate the issue.

However, in case you are reinstalling Windows, this issue will be fixed but we wouldn't know the root of it.


I understand but I did not want to take anymore chances.

However, this opened up another question which I do not know where to post.

I changed my email passwords and I though my password to Tech Community etc.,  Plus I have now two other log ins and user names (Playpar)/ previously my personal login (personal email address) and business were all the same. (which I liked). 

Where do I post to get this straight?


Regarding to your question, would you mind clarify it a bit.

Do you want to change password for your Microsoft Account?

Are you login with Microsoft Account or Microsoft 365 account?


Not too much to clarify. Somehow when I tried to change my password I ended up with different accounts or account names. I want to use Playpar through out Microsoft communities. I ended up with LakeErie for one community, Playpar here, and something else for my personal login using personal email. How do I change. I do not and will not use 365.

@playpar Please remove your email...

@Kam What?? No I do not want to do that!

@playpar LOL I mean from that reply :)

@Kam I do not know or understand why you are saying this. I do not want to remove my email from my accounts.

@playpar Email removed. Thanks!

@Kam OK I got you thanks


The following is the website for Microsoft Community page:


Where you could ask question about this Microsoft Community.

You may sign out from your account and in menu you could remove account you don't want.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived How can I remove my email in the above response?

@playpar I thought you already did. I'll remove yours in mine too.


I see you removed it.

In top right corner of your post click on icon and you have option to Edit and when you click edit, you may edit your post.