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I have been having this issue for a while now.  This update, KB5011487, failed to install during restarting.  After restarting, the windows says "failed to update ...".  Windows update troubleshoot found and fix issues sometime, but all installation failed during restating.  I have Windows 10 pro 21H2 build 19044.1469.

Any idea how to fix this?

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Hi tmadrid,

Thank you. I followed this link, and the only the last method using media creation tool worked for me.

First 4 methods, running troubleshoot, reset windows update, change dns and run dism and scan are for most Windows update issues generally. My advise for future readers of this thread is that for the KB5011487 failed to install issue, try to install it manually.

Helo@homeuser1 ,

I'm not sure I understood your message. Did you use media creation tool to update to windows 10 version 21H2 and that fixed the KB5011487 installation problem?


I tried to install  KB5011487 using Windows Update Catalog Website but when I clicked on the link bellow and nothing happened, the file was not downloaded.





what internet browser are you using? try using Edge to do this the download 

glad it worked for you!

This update slowed my PC down considerabley@tmadrid 

what version of windows are you running? 21h1? 21h2?
I was using Chrome. It initiated the download eventually. It took forever though.
Ya i've always had issues using it in Chrome for whatever reason. Glad it worked for you


The download worked but it is not installing. The progress bar is stalled in this position for hours:


Do you think updating my windows 10 to the 21H2 version woud help?


Yes, I used the media creation tool. When given the option, I choose "upgrade this computer".


21H2 - Since removing KB5011487, my PC is back to full speed!  Now I do not want to reinstall it but Windows Update wants to.  How can I suppress this update but install later ones?

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