Windows sandbox wrong language


Hi All,


I opened windows sandbox for the first time in months, and noticed it had the "news and interests" widget.


The only installed languages are English (same for the host PC), yet the news widget is in Chinese.






Any ideas on how to fix the language, and (preferably) actually disable the widget?




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Hi @RobD365,

As I can see, your regional settings are configured properly, however, you need to configure the language preferences for the News and Interests. Click on the News and Interests icon from the taskbar, click the settings, from Language and content, select your preferred language as shown screenshot.


Thanks @SalmanAhmed,


There's no obvious language change option in the menu.  The other thing is that the sandbox will loose this setting when closed, so it's not a permanent solution to the issue.





The Windows 10 Sandbox does not save changes after quitting the application.

Hi @RobD365 

A sandbox is designed as a temporary, lightweight desktop environment that allows to run applications safely in isolation from the host. Once you close it, all the settings, configuration, state, files, and applications are deleted. Every time, when you launch the application, you will get a brand-new instance of the sandbox.

For more detail, please visit Microsoft:



I'm having the same issue.  I looked at 5 different computers - all with the same issue!


What i found is that the News & Interests page STARTS in Chinese, then eventually goes to English.  Of course, given that it's a Sandbox, it reverts to Chinese whenver you reopen the sandbox. 


I verfied the same issue on 5 different computers.   Is anybody else having this issue? 




Interesting, I hadn’t tried leaving it open to see if it switches to english. It makes sense that it switches back to Chinese next time you open a sandbox.

I’ve got a couple other machines I’ll check, one is Win11. Hopefully this is a known bug and is fixed up in the next patch Tuesday



Indeed, I just opened Sandbox for first time in a couple weeks tonite, and saw the News n Interests icon first time ever.

Yup, Chinese. My first thought was 'Chinese hackers got into MS sandbox code!' ;)



Well, I checked my other machines and they all have Chinese news feeds in the sandbox, hopefully someone microsoft know about the issue and is working on a fix.



Apparently @ microsoft doesn't belong to Microsoft, so removed the @

In my case, it was suddenly in Czech. I also thought Czech hackers infiltrated my computer. :(