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After having search for the full level of diagnostic (mandatory for windows insider). i don't have my answer.


it said on my computer for full level : (translated from french) : "as well as information on the sites you visit" (diagnostic panel on windows 10), does it means my history is send to Microsoft in case of a bug, or is it an inaccurate translation ?


I'm asking because I intend to join the windows insider but I would like to know what information will be (and can be in case of a bug) sent to Microsoft.




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Hi @Wittycat 

my understanding after reading that article is that yes it is possible but does not necessarily happen every time.


Full level

The Full level gathers data necessary to identify and to help fix problems, following the approval process described below. This level also includes data from the Basic, Enhanced, and Security levels.

Additionally, at this level, devices opted in to the Windows Insider Program will send events, such as reliability and app responsiveness. that can show Microsoft how pre-release binaries and features are performing. These events help us make decisions on which builds are flighted. All devices in the Windows Insider Program are automatically set to this level.

If a device experiences problems that are difficult to identify or repeat using Microsoft’s internal testing, additional data becomes necessary. This data can include any user content that might have triggered the problem and is gathered from a small sample of devices that have both opted into the Full diagnostic data level and have exhibited the problem.

However, before more data is gathered, Microsoft’s privacy governance team, including privacy and other subject matter experts, must approve the diagnostics request made by a Microsoft engineer. If the request is approved, Microsoft engineers can use the following capabilities to get the information:

  • Ability to run a limited, pre-approved list of Microsoft certified diagnostic tools, such as msinfo32.exe, powercfg.exe, and dxdiag.exe.

  • Ability to get registry keys.

  • All crash dump types, including heap dumps and full dumps.




Crash dumps collected at this diagnostic data level may unintentionally contain personal data, such as portions of memory from a documents, a web page, etc.


so these personal data that it's referring to may as well contain web history or Windows taskview (timeline) history.


P.S if you are using Edge insider, it has its own set of settings to control those data.