SAP Business Objects Analysis 2.5 silent installation is failing with error code 70

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I am creating package for SAPBusinessObjectsAnalysis 2.5 64bit for windows 10 64bit OS. installation works manually without silent parameter. But, when I deploy it using Intune/SCCM , it is failing with error code 70.


I checked all prerequisites are installed correctly. I checked for error code 70 , it says 'Invalid XML files' but my package doesn't have any xml files.

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I am using this line to install it with

Execute-Process -FilePath "AOFFICE25SP04P_1-80002421.EXE" -Arguments "/NoDlg /NoIgnoreBlockingApp" -WindowStyle Hidden -IgnoreExitCodes "129"


It works fine. 

Just ignoring exit code 129 which is not relevant.