Likes on profile


What does the number of likes mean at the top of the profiles?


So in my case on this page:


The likes is always set to 0. All other profiles that I've seen have the same 0 profiles.

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The number hovering on top of your profile picture/avatar indicates the total number of notifications you have, similar to your Facebook newsfeed.  Click on it and a flyout menu appears, telling you how many notifications you have (Who has liked or replied to your posts) and how many private messages you have in your inbox.  The 3rd number tells you the total number of contributions you've posted in the Tech Community.


For more tips on how to get the most out of the Microsoft Tech Community, please read this post ( You can also check out the video in the recent Microsoft Mechanics video here: (

In the black section at the top of my profile I always see


I dont think that this is right.

You are correct that is a bug.  Let me see what we can do to fix that.