I'm Changing Organisation - I would like to keep my TechCommunity profile


I am about to leave one job and start another; hence lose my existing O365 account and two days later be provided another O365 account.


How can I ensure that I keep my Tech Community profile here... I don't seem to be able to update the login email?

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@Chris Laycock Hello! I apologize for the delayed response here. Feel free to reach out to techcommunity@microsoft.com with any questions in the future to ensure a speedy response.


Unfortunately, we are unable to change your email address login on a O365 account, as your work owns that account. 


If you create a new account with your new email address, we can certainly transfer over any roles and contributor level for your new account.

@Eric Starker Thanks for this.

Is it also possible to transfer from one O365 account to a personal one (using outlook.com email address)?

@Damien Couriou We can only change from one personal account (MSA) to another. We aren't able to change the email address on an O365 account or to an O365 account. 

@Eric Starker Thanks for your reply.

A bit sad to see my account going away like this but no choice...


@Damien Couriou Apologies! Unfortunately, that is something outside of our control, relevant to how O365 sign-in works rather than part of our platform.