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Hey members,


I'm now a member of the MS Tech Community for about 1 month. I thinked about how to improve the MS Tech Community and found the following points.


I personally think the following things are missing:

  • A better guide how to get started in the Microsoft Tech Community
  • More badges (Just for the flex, and a way to display them)
  • A more transparent badge and rank system. (Like I still didn't understand how to rank up in the contributor rank :D, maybe you guys don't like it but I would really appreciate it, to know when I have like 1000 Posts to get the rank xy or anything else etc :D)
  • Maybe a more transparent way how to get a MVP, especially to share more storys of mvps, that just got a mvp because of posting content in the MS Tech Community.
  • A cool feature for products like Windows Server could be when updates are scheduled already, that they get a Countdown timer in their community hub. (fe. next patchday will be in 12 days 1 hour)
  • A comment section on a profile would be nice to praise someone and leave a friendly message.  Just like on Steam, but just in friendly :D
  • To create a level based on the posts, likes, etc :D (Just like on Steam ;D)
  • A personal "footer/ ending" after a blogpost (Just like I do, just via default)

There are for sure even more cool ideas to improve the tech community. Let me hear your opinions.


Best regards,


"First, No system is safe. Second, Aim for the impossible. Third no Backup, no Mercy" - Schnittlauch


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@Schnittlauch Thank you for your feedback, some interesting ideas there. Please create an idea for each feedback in the Microsoft Tech Community Ideas Board as that is how we can best track ideas and see their popularity among users. Appreciate it! 

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