German translation of the new Together Mode

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Hi, I don't know if I'm right here, please give a look at the translated word of the new Togethermode in the Teamsapp German Version: "Zweisamkeitsmodus" (it meens something like a partnership between two individuals) it's not a good word to describe it! Use better a word like e.g."Gemeinschaftsmodus".


if its not the right place and someone knows where it is, let me please know it! Thanks

Stefan Pilser




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Hi @Stefan_Pilser

Have raised a uservoice for you here

Vote it up and let's hope they pick it up to change it

Hope that answers your question. I will also pass it onto the product team too

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard thanks for creating the uservoice!

I have to admit that while I just upvoted it, I felt like "this is just wrong". 


"Zweisamkeitsmodus" is a non-existing German term that doesn't even slightly convey the feature's purpose and in addition has this sexual ambiguity. It's just a weak translation. And as such it should not be handled in uservoice.

We've had wrong translations in the past (see - as yes, they are funny :-). But in the same way they are ridiculous and unprofessional and especially during the rollout of new features do not necessarily lead to an absolute trust in the product. Currently searching for the right person at MS to fix this...

Thanks Dirk

I agree. I have raised it internally with the product group and via the internal bugs list. I haven't heard anything yet, but have just sent chasers. This needs to be resolved and soon we can't have it negatively impacting confidence in Teams or Microsoft

Best, Chris

@Dirk Güldner @Stefan_Pilser 


I have had a confirm from the product team. It has been corrected and will be rolling out soon. They have given me special permission to share this with you




Thanks for raising this, I hope it will fully resolve it for you


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard perfect! thanks! ;)