Funny translation of "You're all caught up here!"

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A colleague of mine uses the German version of the Yammer app and he has sent me this funny screenshot.

Your translation of "You're all caught up here!" is "Ihr seid hier alle gefangen".

In German that means "You (plural) are all trapped here!". :smile:


As an idiom usually is translated with another idiom you might want to use something like "Du bist auf dem Laufenden" (casual version) or "Sie sind auf dem Laufenden" (formal version)



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Thanks for the awareness @Dirk Güldner , it has been reported :)

Hi @Itamar Lourenço is there any update to this or any feedback you can give, by when this will be corrected? A colleague of mine reported a few days ago the same translation errors on an iPad.


Thanks a lot in advance,