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I have this issue saying graphics card does not support WebGL when I browse virtual 3D tour with either Edge or Chrome.

It happens randomly and seems browser setting is okay (hardware acceralation is ON for Chrome).

I have doubt it is caused by lack of RAM but anybody have any idea to avoid this error?



This is status of Chrome


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Thanks for sharing the issue!

May I ask for the following:

1. What is the model of Surface Device?

2. Specs

3. Windows Version


Here is my device spec.

Surface pro 9 RAM:8GB SSD:256GB Intel® Iris® Xe Windows version: Windows11 Home build 22621.2283 Chrome version: 117.0.5938.63 Edge version: 116.0.1938.81

I also have surface pro7+ that shows same error.
I will inform you the spec of 7+ later.


Thanks for sharing and I forgot to ask, is there anyway thou mayest able to share the place where I can test this on my surface?
Try this flag:


Thanks, also there is a new update for Edge to upgrade from 116 to 117!
Thanks, but what should I do with this?
Which item should I check?
The first one is a Flag option that I see online fixed someone else's issue with similar issue.

The next one is a website that tells thee if WebGL is detected, scroll down. :)
Tested the website on my Surface Pro 5 with a i5-7300 and 4gb ram, works fine, not really sure what is going on thy end.

All drivers and updates are installed?


For the flag, change default in the drop down to "enabled" and press the restart button.. then test again.

https://get.webgl.org/webgl2/, here is another one to test if webgl2 is working properly.
Have you reloaded several times?
It sometimes goes fine but when you reload several times. the error shows up.
I'm still having this issue, I updated all drivers and software..
Is there any 3rd party driver for Intel chips that might work better?