Surface Pro 9 - OneNote Lagging

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Just recently bought the surface pro 9 in august for school and I've been using OneNote as my primary note taking app for a while. However on this laptop specifically, whenever I start the program, or even when its opened and I'm trying to handwrite/type notes, the whole app either freezes (alongside my computer), slows down or straight up crashes. This isn't an issue when I'm on OneNote online or if I'm using it on my PC and other laptop (surface laptop 2). I can't seem to figure this issue out. Any help is needed as I literally can't take notes without it crashing every 5 min.

Extra notes:

- This surface pro is running windows 11

- My pc also runs windows 11

- surface and pc both have my personal and school account logged in but the office apps use my school credentials

- if info needed: surface is 8gb ram, i5, 256gb ssd

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