Welcome to the Call Analytics Preview!


Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Call Analytics Preview Program! This community board is for you to ask questions related to this program. Myself and the Call Analytics Program Manager @Mohamad Saleem are here to review and help you out! Looking foward to hearing from you!



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is it available if the company subscribed to the preview?
What is the URL for the call analytics preview dashboard? I just saw on the skypepreview.com site that we were assigned to the preview a month ago, but I never got any confirmation email with the details.
Using your tenant admin credentials, log in to this portal https://adminportal.services.skypeforbusiness.com/
thx, I was able to login!
Any webpage with help? I can't find the way to upload information to get reporting by Site. I guess you can upload sites and subnets. not sure if it use other database

It is supposed to leverage the same kind of file formatting as the CQD uses, however, I'm unable to get this to work.

HI! Very impressed by the high level visability and ability to drill down.  I have the same issue as Juan Alvarado, I'd like to upload site info but unsure of the format of the file to be used - number of columns - with or without headers etc would be nice to have it confirmed that it's the same as CQD or some more info on this - the error info provided by the site is very limited. 


Update - I managed to get at least one error that mentioned the same headers as CQD File Format but when I have the file created like that there is just a message saying there was an error and no further info on what the error was....



Not sure how often you are checking this board @Mohamad Saleem?

I'm trying to upload our 1180 subnets to this Call Analytics tool so we can evaluate our more than 850 offices globally, but I can't do that as the tool just says error in the upload without any feedback on which line the error is so I can correct it.


Some feedback to this discussion board would be appreciated.




Hey Ashley,


I was finally able to get it to upload with CQD format, but it had to be CSV (even though the site says TSV).  Also, no header; just data in row 1.


I'm not sure its doing much beyond uploading the sites for a future use.  I can still only pull reports by user and the reports don't seem to include site information.  It might still be early and the analytics just haven't incorporated the details yet, but at least I got the CSV to upload.


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Hello @Saranya Yogarajah and @Mohamad Saleem- the URL I received in the "welcome to the preview" email is no longer working.  Is the site moved or down right now?

(And if moved - what is the new URL?)



Is this the link to the documentation?
That worked for me. I uploaded same same structure as CQD and call details is getting site identification on the user information.
OK - thanks...then it would appear to be an issue with our network configuration if we cannot get to that site and others can. I'll need to investigate further on our end.
did you remove headers?


Managed to get it working.  Yes I had used the same format as the CQD without headers etc - infact I had loaded data to the CQD already so I thought I knew what I was doing :) The trick I found is that fields cannot be blank and with 1200 networks I wasn't going to fill all the details out, so just put a dash in empty columns, and it works fine.




Anyone else seeing a problem with Call Analytics ? Since yesterday I just get a blank page.
Working in my tenant. Sorry, um, what tenant are you using so we can check.



I'm having the same issue, I have 2 tennets both on the preview and previoulsy working but now both showing blank pages when logging into: https://adminportal.services.skypeforbusiness.com/ 


Is there a general issue? Seems have been doing this since Friday.


One of the tennets ID's is gcionline.onmicrosofot.com