Holy Voicemail Batman!

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Did Microsoft just test a new way to deliver missed calls and voicemails to Outlook?


For just 3 notifications yesterday they came in as actual emails!  Which means I can place a rule on them and send these notifications to a group of users! (call queue users / One voicemail box for multiple people)


+phonenumber xxx via Voicemail Service




Can anyone confirm that this is going to be the future of these notifications?!  (We are 100% online SfB users)

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When you say they came in as emails, do you mean speech to text conversation?
Are you using Exchange Server or Exchange Online for UM, or using Cloud PBX?

We are 100% online.  365 E3, Cloud PBX, PSTN Calling.


The current way MS sends notifications/voicemails is not a normal email.  It has no header information.



So this is how they normally come in and I can't make an inbox rule for it. 


(don't worry about the phone number it was a spam call)


The "emails" in question are like the example below.  I had a missed call and Voicemail come in through "via Voicemail Service" <sbvmsvc1@microsoft.com>


And the notification & Voicemail was from a client so I know it wasn't spam.




Just seems odd that a couple of these would come in a completely different way.

The first screenshot does say it's a preview state, so they could have turned something on and back off again.
I know that Exchange Online UM with an on-premises Skype for Business system can provide transcription and embed the media player in the email (your first screenshot), whereas the Azure voicemail as part of Cloud PBX attaches a MP3 file to an email (your second screenshot).

Yes, I can confirm this is "by design" for the Could Voicemail Service and a "new feature" we enabled end of 2018.