Update Sharepoint List when a new booking is made in Sharepoint Calendar

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Dear All,

I have a made a booking app in sharepoint where we can make bookings for all our team. The user can select on the calendar interface and book a resource for selected duration. 


I want a sharepoint list to be updated with the below information each time a booking is made

  1. Name of Resource Booked
  2. Dates Booked (Bookings could be non-continuous(once every week etc.)) 
  3. I want the user to have flexibility to book 1-8 hours  in each day instead of whole day. Is this possible to do in Sharepoint booking app ?

Any guidance on how the above could be done would be great.



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@AShah16Here are two suggestion and workaround I prefer:


1 - Create a Sharepoint Lists with Required fields as your data source, Create a Micorosft Forms with the same required fields even you could use the dropdown or pickup option to make it easy and automated, the last step is to create a flow stating everything someone fills this form the data needs to be stored into Sharepoint list which is your data source.


2 - Create a Sharepoint list which is your data source with required fields, make a PowerApp and connect the SharePoint list to your power app, design the app as per your requirement you could still use the Sharepoint list dropdown and some of the function to make it easy and end-users will have access to powerapps while the data source will be Sharepoint list... 


Hope any of these solutions works for you....



Pervaiz Dostiyar