Word document inserted in another word document in library not opening through word in browser

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Hi Team,


I have a word document uploaded in SharePoint library and it contains another word file inserted in it. When I tried to open the word file in browser it opened but when I clicked on inserted word document within it then it was not clickable and couldn't open.


While when I opened the same document through app it opened and also was able to open the inserted word document.


I am not sure whether its possible to open inserted word document from word through web browser.


Please find the attached screen shot. All the replies will be appreciated.



Thanks & Regards,

Amol Tidke


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@amoltidkeI don't think that is supported the easy way for this will be to insert a link of the other reference word documents... into this word document....


as looking at your screenshot and also using the word into word in the past it is still working in the desktop client but on the web Browser this option is limited... and the file will be open but as mention above the insert link to the other word document is a better way of doing it...