Search box to filter SharePoint list items

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Using a standard list view in SharePoint online, typing a keyword in the search box at the top of the page and pressing enter filters a large list properly down to just those items that contain the keyword in any of the columns. This is fantastic and works great for users. The problem I'm having is that clicking the X box to clear the search keyword from the search input box does not return the list to its original state, and to the average user there is no apparent way to make this happen. Leaving the search box empty and then clicking enter again returns the full list but no users have ever figured this out without asking first and it causes lots of confusion.

Wouldn't be expected behavior of clicking the X to clear the search box be that the list would return to its unfiltered state? For example, in power apps this is the default behavior when using the Search() function to filter a gallery. Am I missing something simple here? This question has been asked every time I migrate a site to office 365 and I have found no other way other than refreshing the page or clicking enter with an empty search box to return the list to its original state.
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