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Hi, I created a webpart in spfx. I deployed it to tenant app catalog with a PowerShell script. I saw an option where i can sync this webpart to MS Teams. When i want to do it with PowerShell script using Sync-PnPAppToTeams -Identity F8FBB38C-26DB-4B17-B506-35D0706BBA46 (this id i took from tanant app catalog). When i type this command i get this error 


I'm also logged to Tenant admin account, to do it I used command connect-pnponline -url https://{tenant} Do you know how to fix it ?


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Hi buszi99

This is a known issue for app-only context. You can use this command only with delegated permissions and user context due to limitations of APIs.
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But i don't think they solved theirs problem.