Sites Web Part not showing all sites in hub

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Hi all, 


I am looking for an easy way to display on the parent hub site automatically 

all Teams sites that are contained within the associated child hubs. 


Is there an easy way to do this ? I setup my sites like on the diagram below , 

but when I then add the "Sites" web part to my Parent Hub site & I choose the option "all sites in hub" , there is not a single teams site displayed in the web part ... I would expect all 6 team Sites to appear in the web part (when adding a new Team site to any of the child hubs, the Team site then would also be automatically added on this Parent hub site "Sites" web part , but it doesn't seem to work ... 


Am I missing something or is this a bug ? 

Looking forward to a solution for this. 





Kind regards, 




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On the communication site on the highest level (blue on diagram)  is it in standard Sharepoint online not possible to automatically display all team sites (green on diagram) inside of a webpart on the communication site (blue on diagram) ? This would allow users on the communication site in blue to always see all Team sites in green in 1 webpart, without any need to manually update the links on that communication site in blue  when a new team site in green is added. How to set this up in sharepoint online ?  Regards. 

Is there any easy way to automatically show on 1 sharepoint communication site ALL the active sharepoint sites, so users don't have to navigate to HUB site A, B , C seperatly ? If not possible in sharepoint online (modern) out of the box , What is the easiest solution for modern Sharepoint communication site to list ALL active sharepoint sites ? (like active sharepoint sites in Sharepoint Admin Center , but that is only accesible to Admin & can only be exported to .csv file ...